NatWest Equity Release Schemes 4.21% Fixed For Life – New From March 2024

Natwest Equity Release
  • 65% Loan to the value of your home
  • NatWest equity release provider since 2003
  • Free equity release adviser
  • No early repayment charges
  • Pay your outstanding mortgage or another outstanding loan
  • Optional repayments
  • Get a tax free lump sum based on the full market value of your home
  • 4.21% fixed for life
  • Free later life home valuation
  • Stay in your home for as long as you like
  • No arrangement fees
  • Get smaller lump sums for home improvements in the future


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Frequently asked questions about equity release providers:

NatWest Equity Release Rates

Currently, the Natwest Equity Release interest rate is 3.21%, fixed for life. A common question is: Does NatWest offer equity release?

If remortgaging to release equity is not an option for you, and you have to repay your existing mortgage, a NatWest Equity Release plan could be ideal for you as you don’t need to make a monthly payment.

The downsides are the concept of roll up interest, where you pay interest on the interest on the interest – it involves a big financial commitment. When you raise money you may be held responsible to pay council tax, solicitors fees, local authority searches,

When you get your equity release advice you will find that the NatWest equity release scheme lets you release money at low interest rates, with an initial loan of one lump sum or two equity release options of extra money loan secured on your home.

With any lifetime mortgage, your own home is used as a way to supplement your regular income with money from the value of your property.  The catch is your family members could have a lower inheritance.

The equity release costs are low with NatWest, without any retirement income or legal fees you can borrow money for your retirement planning goals with no early repayment charge.

Because of the low equity release loan costs and the free valuation, you don’t need to pay anything for your equity release mortgage, you simply pay it back when you die or move into long term care and your house is sold.

This is one of the common equity release questions.  In simple terms, it’s a loan with no monthly repayments which is paid off when you die and your home is sold.  On your equity release call, you will find out if you want to pay your lifetime mortgage early this type of equity release means you have no higher rate fee.

An alternative to equity release is an RIO or Retirement Interest Only Mortgage.  It’s ideal for people aged 55 and over, releasing equity now could be a good idea before interest rates go up.

How much does equity release cost?

Equity release NatWest has no fees.

Is Nat West equity release safe?

Yes, it is strictly regulated just like mortgages for those over 70s.

How much equity can I release with no monthly payments if my personal circumstances are not great?

You can release up to 60% of your property’s value.

  1. Easy flexible minimum age lifetime mortgages
  2. A lump sum or regular payments
  3. Available lifetime mortgages for new property
  4. Optional regular payments
  5. Financial freedom for your retirement with a lifetime mortgages
  6. Borrowing money against your main residence instead of a home reversion plan with no regular repayments
  7. Pay off your outstanding regular mortgage with lifetime mortgages
  8. You can do borrowing jointly or as an individual based on the total value of your home
  1. Does Natwest do a retirement remortgage for homeowners over 60?

    Yes, Natwest retirement remortgages for over 60s are 3.57% APR fixed.

  2. Does Natwest do a pensioner remortgage for retired homeowners over 60?

    Yes, Natwest pensioner remortgages for the over 60s are 3.17% APR fixed.

  3. Does Natwest offer a later life remortgage for homeowners over 60?

    Yes, Natwest later life remortgages for over 60s are 3.77% AER variable.

  4. Does Natwest offer the best remortgage for retired over 60?

    Yes, Natwest the best remortgages for over 60s are 3.98% MER fixed.

  5. Does Natwest do remortgaging options for the over 60s?

    Yes, a Natwest remortgaging option over 60 is 3.24% AER fixed for life.

  6. Does Natwest do a mortgage calculator for retired homeowners over 60?

    Yes, Natwest mortgage calculators for over 60s shows 3.21% AER variable.

  7. Does Natwest offer RIO mortgages over 60?

    Yes, a Natwest RIO mortgage for over 60s is 3.22% AER fixed.

  8. Does Natwest do a retirement interest only mortgage for the over 60s?

    Yes, Natwest retirement interest only mortgages for retired homeowners over 60 are 3.49% MER fixed for life.

  1. If you use a reversion company you won’t benefit completely from any increased property value if you are optimistic about house prices
  2. Taking equity release is easy for existing customers and new Nat West bank customers.
  3. fully qualified advisors that are authorised and regulated and even available on bank holidays
  4. repayments work using the sale of your home and inheritance for your family may be reduced you should ask them if this is the right option, it might have to be a last resort
  5. You must keep your home in reasonable condition as the money from your home when you die means we sell your home

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Does Natwest Do Equity Release

Yes, Natwest equity release has a very low rate compared with other lenders. A specialist equity release adviser can help you determine the numbers.

What are the pitfalls of lifetime mortgages and Natwest Equity Release Schemes?

The pitfalls of equity release are the roll-up interest charges, which make the loan grow over time. This will reduce the size of your estate.

What is the maximum you can borrow on a lifetime mortgage?

You can borrow up to 60% of the open market value of your home, and a valuation will be required. An equity release lifetime mortgage can be better than selling your home.

Who qualifies for a lifetime mortgage?

People who have a significant amount of home equity and who are over 55 can qualify for equity release.

What is the average interest rate on a lifetime mortgage?

The average interest rate for equity release is 3.5% fixed for life. The lifetime mortgage calculator will give you a better idea about lifetime mortgage rates, as will Martin Lewis lifetime mortgage features.

What is a lifetime mortgage?

Lifetime mortgages UK are strictly regulated home loans. The interest on the loan is added to the money you initially borrow.

Is a lifetime mortgage right for you?

It can be a bad lease option for people with certain circumstances, yes. For example, if you have a mortgage that has come to the end of its term and you have to pay it back, you can pay it back with a lifetime mortgage.

How does a lifetime mortgage work?

It is a loan secured on your home. You do not have to make monthly payments. The interest on the loan is added to the loan, which is repaid when your home is sold. Other options include a NatWest retirement mortgage, NatWest mortgages for people over 70, and NatWest mortgages for people over 60.

What is the difference between an equity release and a lifetime mortgage?

A lifetime mortgage is simply a form of equity release. There are other ways to release equity from your home that you should consider.

What is the difference between a lifetime mortgage and a residential mortgage?

The residential mortgage requires a monthly repayment. The lifetime mortgage has no monthly repayment.

Is Equity Release Natwest the best deal

The Natwest Equity release deal is very competitive with other lenders. It is ideal to release tax-free cash from your home. It would help if you used the equity release calculator to find out the overall cost.

What do people use the lifetime mortgage lump sum for?

They usually use it to pay off another mortgage. It would be best to get professional advice before getting a single lump sum.